ICT for Health, Accessibility and Wellbeing

IHAW'20 is Cancelled

IHAW'21 will be held in Cyrpus (see website)

Rouen, France


IHAW'21 will be held in Cyprus

IHAW is the first of a series of International Conferences on « ICT for Societal Challenges ».

This conference aims to be the platform for multi and interdisciplinary research at the interplay between ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Biomedical, Neuro-cognitive and Experimental psychology research.

Important Notice:

Dear colleagues,

The COVID-19 crisis has led France's government to take exceptional measures to avoid the spread of the disease. The virus is still present, and spreading across France with several new outbreaks reappearing recently.

For that reason, and given the persisting sanitary risks linked with an international gathering of several hundreds participants, the IHAW 2020 Organizing Committee has had to cancel the IHAW'20 conference scheduled for December 2020 in Rouen, France.

We know that this will come as an enormous disappointment, not only to the presenters and exhibitors, but also to the whole ICT for Health, Accessibility ad Wellbeing community and we share the sadness.

We do hope however that you will understand this decision taken under pressure of such an unprecedented global situation.

However, we do not give up and we have a pleasure to invite you and your co-workers to submit papers and demos  for the IHAW 2021 conference to be held November 8-10 at the University of Cyprus (see IHAW’21 website). 

Hoping that COVID-19 will be defeated by then, looking forward to meeting you in Cyprus on the occasion of IHAW'21, and thanking you for your patience, understanding and support.

Yours truly,

IHAW 2020 Organizing Committee.



IHAW 2020 will take place in Rouen, France.

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